Brett Pontecorvo

Music Direction & Other Services

At just 26 years old, BRETT PONTECORVO is already an accomplished musical director, keyboardist, accompanist, arranger, programmer, and educator.  

A professional musician from the age of 16, Brett graduated from New York’s City College in 2014 with a B.F.A. in piano performance.

In the course of working on nearly 50 productions, Brett has directed and accompanied highly-regarded New York theatre companies such as New Haarlem Arts Theatre, Clocktower Players, The Gallery Players, The In-Between People, Theatre Lapis, The Riant Theatre, and the Brooklyn Children’s Theater. His work directing the Clocktower Players’ production of “Hair” earned him a Best Musical Direction nomination from the 2016 Onstage Critics Awards, and his work as the musical director for a 2012 Latin remake of “Sweet Charity” was described as “sure-footed” by the New York Times. As a director who is both technically skilled and highly intuitive, Brett strives to always highlight the stories that underpin every musical number, creating opportunities for listeners to feel moved and connected throughout.

Brett has publicly performed as an accompanist for The Transition Workshop and the Planet Connections Theatre Festival, where he played for Mark Garcia's original work, “Holy Cows of Credence.” He has also worked privately as an accompanist for countless auditioners and top-tier vocal coaches such as Judy Blazer, Julio Agustin and Badiene Magaziner.

In addition to his many credits as a working theatre musician, Brett has also had the opportunity to work as an educator bringing theatre to school-aged children in both public and private schools. He has designed and/or participated in music education programs at The Dalton School, The City College Academy of The Arts High School, and PS 69 in the Bronx. He also spent a year as a general music teacher at St. Aloysius School in Harlem. Wherever he is, Brett works to ignite musical excellence and an awareness of acting, giving children an outlet to express themselves while exploring situations not common to their everyday lives.  He encourages his students to develop greater empathy, take pride in their work, improve their social skills, and build healthy relationships with others.  

Brett offers audition prep and private piano and voice lessons at his home studio in Queens.  He greatly enjoys helping students of all ages and backgrounds develop their musicianship.

Brett has a couple other notable outlets for his skills as a director, programmer, arranger, and keyboardist. He regularly plays and records for two-man electronic rock band Fate Of Fools. Fate of Fools combines singer-songwriter roots with complex arrangements featuring electronic drums, keyboards and synthesizers powered by Ableton. He is also the musical director at Trinity Grace Church (Queens) where he runs band rehearsals and arranges and programs the church’s worship music.

As someone who believes passionately in the immense value of art and community, Brett enjoys using his diverse talents, in public performances and private lessons, to lift people up, bring people together, and provide an outlet for the emotions that rest on everyone’s hearts.






Photographer: Jeffrey Lotz